Intrante Design Studio - it is completely innovative level of service in furniture and interior design field. Design studio Intrante offers apartment, private house and cottage, as well as restaurant, shop, office and other public and commercial space interior design and realization. One of our advantages is that we participate from the beginning till the full realization of the project. We do not only design interior designs but also participate in the project authorisation process and we offer equal approach to all interior projects:

Design project,Project authorization,

Project management,

Completion of the object with materials, furniture, and lighting,

Delivery of products,

Delivery to client, assembly, putting everything into place,


On-line interior consultations.

We are extremely happy because we have the opportunity to create, to surprise, to inspire and make come true the most incredible fantasies about creating a beautiful house. Using our creativity we are finding new inspiration for the interior design and we are creating unique solutions for every client!

INTRANTE  CEO Lolita Freidmane

I like to create peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, where interior characteristics don’t lose their functionality and leaves impression about a good taste.

Interior designer Laura Konopacka

Every time I find inspiration in the most ordinary things. It is a reason why when I am creating luxury environment, I am putting accents not only on the elegance of the space but also the originality and undeniable style.

Interior designer Monta Drengere

I would like to communicate  to people, during the process of creation of interior design , I want to inspire for beauty and to enrich the enviroment, also as well as maintaining functional significance.


Mob. Phone: +371 2208157

E-mail: design@intrante.com

Adress: Terbatas street 93/95, Riga


If you value your time and don’t like standard design solutions and put your trust in the hands professionals that offer the highest level of service, contact us - Intrante design studio for your individual design realization.